Understanding Car Accident Claims

  • What Happens To Your SSDI Claim If You Don't Follow Your Doctor's Orders?

    18 December 2019

    The path to a successful claim for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits is long and hard, but some claimants make it harder on themselves than it has to be. All too often, disability applicants make simple, avoidable mistakes that can absolutely tank their claims. One of the worst mistakes you can make, for example, is not following your doctor's recommended course of treatment. Here's what you need to know about how that will affect your claim.

  • What Distinguishes Commercial Vehicle Wreck Claims?

    30 September 2019

    The personal injury law system deals with a lot of motor vehicle accidents. Commercial vehicle wrecks, though, can stick out from other types of incidents in several ways. If you're not sure what might distinguish your case from a typical accident on the highways, you may want to consider these four issues. Involvement of Companies The involvement of a company usually means that there's a better chance that pursuing a claim is worth more effort.

  • Why You May Need Financial Compensation After An Auto Accident

    28 July 2019

    Even if you have never taken anyone to court, you might want to consider doing it now that you have become a victim in an auto accident. Of course, not all accidents warrant legal action, but if you have severe injuries and you were in no way at fault, you may want to talk to an automobile accident attorney so you can get the financial compensation that you deserve. If you are not sure why you might need money from this, you will want to keep reading.

  • Yes, You Have To Cramp Your Wheels

    20 May 2019

    Cramping car wheels, or turning the wheels when parking the car on a hill, is a necessary action that everyone has to take. It may seem unnecessary when you're parked on a very shallow hill, but many cities require you to cramp your wheels when parked on even a slight slope. You do have to do this. If you do not, you risk your car causing an accident—without you at the wheel.

  • The Deceptive Phone Call That Comes After An Accident

    20 April 2019

    After a wreck, it's natural to want it all to be over with. You want to be healed from your injuries, have transportation again, go back to your job, and enjoy your friends and family again. Not only can the time right after a wreck be tough going, but you might end up being preyed upon by a deceptive insurance representative. Read on to find out about the deceptive phone call after you've been hurt in an accident.

  • Why It's So Important for You to Have a Lawyer After an Auto Accident

    6 March 2019

    A car accident can turn an otherwise beautiful day into one that seems almost like a nightmare. The sudden crash followed by an explosion of activity can all happen so fast the entire event seems like a blur. Only after you've made it back home and had a chance to reflect do you realize that the situation is much more serious than you initially thought it was. At this moment you must hire an attorney.

  • Did Your Auto Accident Cause Psychological Damage?

    24 January 2019

    Most people assume that the effects on a person after a car accident are mostly physical, but there can be even scarier damage at work underneath the surface. Psychological trauma can come from major events that cause you bodily harm or near bodily harm, so auto accidents naturally can create problems with emotional damage, and these are problems your auto accident attorney should know about. Here are a few questions to help you decide if you have psychological damage after a car accident.

  • Not Just Lost Wages: Understanding Lost Earning Capacity

    24 October 2018

    When a car accident occurs, it can change your entire life. You may be suffering from physical injuries, a wrecked vehicle, and be out of work for the time being. You may have heard of one form of damage known as lost wages. Some accident victims, however, may qualify for a less common form of personal injury damages known as lost earning capacity. If the accident has left you with a reduced ability to perform at your career, read on to learn more.

  • How To Tell When You Need A Medical Negligence Attorney

    22 September 2018

    Just because your doctor was not able to heal or cure you does not mean that they were negligent in their treatment of you. Medicine is not an exact science. Sometimes, no matter how skilled and knowledgeable a physician is you are not healed or may even end up in worse condition than what you were in when you first sought out help. However, there are also times when someone treating you did not do everything the way it should have been done.

  • Why Your Medication Needs To Be Labeled When You Carry It With You

    11 August 2018

    People who are pulled over and shortly thereafter arrested for an OWI are often shocked to hear that their own medication was the reason for their arrest. An OWI lawyer in these cases can often get the charges kicked out. However, to avoid such a shock in the future, your medication always needs to be in a pharmacy-issued container, and labeled. Here is why. The Arresting Officer Spotted the Pills and Jumped to Conclusions